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Alma Mater

On the Indiana Highway neath the sky of changeful hue
Stands our beloved High School e'er to her be true
Join the chorus sound its praises
Over hill and dale
Hail to Thee United High School, Hail to Thee, All Hail! 

United School District


The United School District is located at 10780 Route 56 Highway East, Armagh, PA  15920 in Indiana County.  The geographic size of United School District is 132.4 square miles  and serves the borough of Armagh and the townships of Brush Valley, Buffington, East Wheatfield, and West Wheatfield.  The District has two schools serving a total of approximately 1,100 students -- United Elementary School with students in Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 and United Junior/Senior High School with students in Grades 7 through 12.


Superintendent’s Message

The School Performance Profile (SPP) scores for United School District are now available at http://www.paschoolperformance.org/ from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).   In 2015, many schools did not have a SPP score, as a federally-approved pause was put into place due to the changes on the newly aligned assessment.  The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) was realigned to meet the new, more rigorous PA Core Standards.  As schools and students continue to remain in transition, SPP scores that include the results of the PSSAs have been reported for 2016.  These SPP scores are the first to reflect student performance using the more rigorous PA Core Standards. 

United Elementary results reflect a SPP score of 79.6 – a Green score.  Schools in this category range from 70.0 – 79.9, and this score is evidence that United Elementary met the standard for PA Academic achievement.  United Junior/Senior High School results reflect a SPP score of 76.0 – a Green score, also indicating that the High School met the standard for PA Academic achievement. 

The SPP is used by the District to provide parents and community members with information about public school performance.  The results present some measures that are used to evaluate academic achievement, and these results can be used to compare your own school to other schools within the county, within the immediate area, and across the Commonwealth.  The results are used to evaluate teachers and to determine federal accountability status for Title I schools.  SPP is just one indicator of school performance and student success, however, this system is currently under review by the PDE.

PDE is working with education stakeholders including school administrators, teachers, parents, industry leaders, higher education officials, and policy makers to ensure that school measurement and accountability is comprehensive, fair, and valid.  PDE is working to make the SPP a more holistic measurement tool for schools and their communities.  

                                                       --Dr. Barbara Parkins

NAMM Award
United Junior/Senior High School was one of 118 schools, nationwide, that received the 2016 SupportMusic Merit Award from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation.  NAMM has recognized United for its commitment to music education.  There were only nine (9) schools in Pennsylvania who achieved this award.  Congratulations to Acey Gongaware and Zach Karcher for their efforts in providing our students with  the opportunity to learn and grow with music.  Mrs. Gongaware and Mr. Karcher were instrumental in providing the data submitted to NAMM for this year’s award. 

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